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Program Guidelines and Criteria

guidelinesChildren’s Burial Assistance Inc. (CBA) provides help to families who are in of need of assistance for the the proper burial of a deceased minor child, (1 to 17 years of age) Families in need of this assistance should apply right away.

Please be advised that CBA does not provide financial assistance for funeral service fees or grave markers.

What Help is Available?

Gifts In-Kind.  Many donated gifts of burial plots and open and close of grave fees are used to off-set the cost of burial services.

Resource Database. CBA’s resource data base includes funeral homes, crematories, cemeteries, grave marker and headstone companies, casket companies, florists, and other service providers.  Many of these funeral homes provide CBA families with low-cost and often, at-cost services.  When funding is limited, these resources are used to assist families.  Often resources are combined to provide additional savings for families.

Financial Assistance.  CBA provides financial assistance towards the open and close of grave fees and cremation services.  All monies are paid directly to funeral service provider(s). No funds are paid directly to families.

Who is Eligible?

Families whose deceased child had no life insurance, and little or no savings to cover funeral service fees.

How Do I Apply?

The parents, legal guardians, or family member of the deceased child that is in need of a burial plot, cremation fee assistance, open/close of grave fee assistance, should apply online here.  CBA will make an eligibility determination as quickly as possible.

Who Can You Contact with Questions?

Inquiries can be made by contacting Children’s Burial Assistance (404) 207-2252, or email, if you have any questions.

If you have questions regarding donating your tax-deductible burial plot or monetary donations click the How Can I Help page!

All applicant personal information will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared under any circumstance without the written consent of the applicant.